Pipeline Safety

We place the well-being of each employee and the public above everything else.

What to Do in an Emergency

Your First Concern is Your Safety and the Safety of Others

Step 1: Leave immediately on foot! Do not use electric switches, telephones (including cell phones) or anything that could cause a spark. Abandon any power equipment being used in or near the area without turning it off. Move in a crosswind direction away from the leak or vapor cloud.

Step 2: Go directly to a safe location. Call 911, and then call Enable Midstream using the phone number on the marker.

Step 3: Warn others to stay away from the leak.

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In Case of a Pipeline Emergency Call:

Enable Midstream Partners 1-800-474-1954
Enable Gas Transmission 1-800-474-1954
Enable Mississippi River Transmission 1-800-325-4005
Enable Illinois Intrastate Transmission 1-800-325-4005
Enable Bakken Crude Services 701-842-6916
Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission 1-800-522-8048
Enable Gas Gathering 1-800-522-8048
Southeast Supply Header (SESH) Plant Daniel 1-866-977-7374