Meeting customers' expectations means... being responsive, competitive, reliable. We partner with our customers to gather, process, store, transport and deliver natural gas and crude oil from wellheads in key production areas to premium markets.

Anadarko District

Enable Midstream is partnering in the success of its customers with 7,622 miles of gathering pipeline and 10 processing plants in the prolific Anadarko District which covers Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and parts of Kansas.

To see a map of the area click on this link: Anadarko District Map

The Enable Midstream "Super-header" system currently has eight natural gas processing plants with 1,485 Bcf/d of processing capacity and the ability to serve producers in multiple plays in the Anadarko Basin. The system is uniquely positioned to grow volumes across our footprint and allows us to offer competitive rates in emerging production areas (e.g., SCOOP and Mississippi Lime). We use it to optimize the economics of natural gas processing and to mitigate the risk of any unplanned downtime.

To see a map of the area click on this link: Enable Midstream Super-Header Map

New Growth

We continue to build on our 663,191 of horsepower, 1.4 TBtu/d of gathering volumes, 1.645 Bcf/d processing capacity, 51.6 Mbbld NGLs produced and 4.3 mm gross acres of dedication including in the Springer Shale.

Gathering: In 2015, we announced the acquisition of 88 miles of gathering pipeline, long-term acreage dedication and 5,000 of horsepower compression from Monarch Natural Gas, Inc., in the Texas Panhandle. This is a strategic extension of our assets into the Cleveland Sands Play, an active, top-tier return play located in Hemphill and Lipscomb Counties.

Processing: In 2015, we completed the 200 MMcf/d Bradley Plant in the first quarter of 2015 and announced the new, similarly sized Wildhorse Plant in Garvin County, Okla. to be completed in the first quarter of 2017.

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