We conduct ourselves and our business in an honest and ethical manner.

Landowner Information

Enable Midstream Partners and its subsidiaries understands that landowners along its pipeline system are neighbors and is fully committed to establishing and maintaining positive long-term relationships with all landowners. Enable Midstream understands the impact to property owners of having pipelines built on their property and takes the necessary steps to minimize the amount of land impacted by construction.

Enable Midstream is committed to engaging landowners in a respectful, informative and clear manner and adheres to the following core principles to govern its interactions with landowners.

1. Respect and Trust

Positive, lasting relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. We will strive to understand issues from the landowners' perspective and help them understand ours.

2. Accurate and Timely Information

Providing natural gas transportation and storage services to the nation may create concerns. We will provide landowners with information regarding the importance of energy infrastructure, the reason and need for the proposed project, and the processes in place governing easement acquisition, certification, construction, operation and maintenance of our facilities, and the particulars of individual projects.

3. Negotiate in Good Faith

We will listen and strive to understand, and negotiate in good faith. We will make every attempt to reach agreement with landowners in an honest, fair and reasonable fashion.

4. Respect the Regulatory Compact

Final approval for a project is not a certainty and our interactions with landowners will reflect that understanding. Prior to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decision, actions taken to negotiate easements or options are at the company's risk as there is no guarantee the project will be approved. We will communicate clearly that federal eminent domain cannot be exercised unless a Certificate is granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and will distinguish clearly when, and if, eminent domain is exercised pursuant to state law.

5. Responding to Issues

We will respond to landowner concerns in a timely fashion. To enhance direct communications and timely responses, we will provide landowners with a single point of contact within the company to answer any question or concern and to provide general or project-specific information.

6. Outreach

We will engage with and promote awareness on the part of affected stakeholders early in the planning process. In broadening our outreach, we will develop relationships with, and introduce our industry to, those who might not have otherwise known about its benefits to the community and our dedication to safely providing these services.

7. Industry Ambassadors

Each company employee and representative is an ambassador for the industry. We will ensure our employees and representatives interact with stakeholders in accordance with these commitments.

8. Ongoing Commitment to Training

We believe in continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. With the demand for natural gas increasing and many new people entering the industry, we will train our representatives to interact positively and productively with landowners and other stakeholders.