Pipeline Safety

We place the well-being of each employee and the public above everything else.

Emergency Contacts

Even though pipelines are one of the safest ways to transport natural gas and other liquids, these products are flammable and potentially hazardous. Consider all pipeline leaks potentially dangerous. Some of our pipelines or plants may be near you. Please become familiar with their locations. This will help keep you, your family and others safe.

In the rare event you do experience a pipeline emergency, immediately go to a safe location. Call 911, and then call Enable Midstream using the phone number on the marker:

In Case of a Pipeline Emergency Call:

1-800-474-1954 Enable Gas Transmission
  Enable Bakken Crude Services
  Enable Midstream Partners
  Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission
  Pine Pipeline
1-800-325-4005 Enable Illinois Intrastate Transmission
  Enable Mississippi River Transmission
1-866-977-7374 Southeast Supply Header
  Plant Daniel
1-800-522-8048 Enable Gas Gathering

Any dent, scrape, crease or other damage to a pipeline can be dangerous. Even a scrape that seems insignificant can cause a leak or crack in the line. If you cause or discover ANY damage to our pipeline, call Enable Midstream Partners at one of the numbers above.