Pipeline Safety

We place the well-being of each employee and the public above everything else.

Recognize a Leak

Know the Signs of a Pipeline Leak

Any pipeline leak can be potentially dangerous. The best way to recognize a pipeline leak is by using your eyes, ears and nose.

Look - Persistent bubbling in standing water or discolored vegetation could indicate a possible leak around the pipeline area. A pool of liquid on the ground; a dense white cloud or fog; a slight mist of ice; or unexplained frozen ground near the pipeline can indicate a possible leak.

Listen - Listen for any unusual noise like a hissing or roaring sound.

Smell - Notice any strange or unusual odor (the products may have a petroleum odor or smell like rotten eggs).

Some gases are odorless, and odorant cannot always be added. It is important to use your ears and eyes as well as your nose to recognize a potential problem.