Pipeline Safety

We place the well-being of each employee and the public above everything else.

Our Safety Materials

Enable Midstream Partners' Public Awareness Program conducts numerous programs to enhance the safety of people who live, work and congregate near our pipelines. We regularly mail brochures to our stakeholder audiences including Affected Public, Emergency Responders, Public Officials, Excavators and Farmers. We also have pipeline safety brochures available for general audiences. These efforts are intended to increase awareness of our facilities and to help these audiences understand their part in pipeline safety.

In an effort to help protect those who farm and ranch near pipelines, Enable Midstream joined with utilities and other pipeline operators to form the Pipeline Operators for Ag Safety (POAS) partnership. This group’s safety campaign promotes safe agricultural work procedures and encourages ongoing dialogue between farmers and ranchers and our members. A wealth of agricultural safety information can be found at the partnership’s website at pipelineagsafety.org.

If you would like to request copies of any of our brochures or any other Public Awareness materials, please contact us using the Online Contact Form link at the bottom of this page.